‘Eroding Franco’ wins the 5th Joana Biarnés Scholarship

17 January, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that MÓN’s member, Jordi Jon Pardo, has been awarded the 5th Joana Biarnés Scholarship funded by the Photographic Social Vision. His winning project, ‘Eroding Franco,’ as you might know, delves into Spain’s desertification and its ties to the economic pursuits during Franco’s regime, which remains influential today. The opportunity provides funds for Jordi Jon to expand this photographic investigation over nine months, under the mentorship of Juan Valbuena, the founder of NOPHOTO collective and director of PHREE.


About Joana Biarnés

Joana Biarnés was a pioneering Spanish photojournalist, recognized as Spain’s first female photojournalist. Born in 1935, Biarnés made significant contributions to the field of photography in the 20th century, breaking gender barriers in a predominantly male profession. Her work, characterized by its candid and humanistic approach, captured key moments of social change and historical significance in Spain, ranging from political unrest to cultural transformations. The Joana Biarnés Scholarship, named in her honor, is significant because it supports and encourages young photojournalists in their professional development. This scholarship not only perpetuates Biarnés’ legacy but also promotes diversity and inclusion in photojournalism, a field where varied perspectives are crucial for comprehensive storytelling.

‘Eroding Franco’ is not just an exploration of environmental degradation but also a journey through Spain’s past, revealing enduring scars on the country and its society. The project serves as a call to collective responsibility towards the environment and humanity.

See more at Photographic Social Vision Foundation’s website.