MÓN and National Geographic Explorers Join FIRE-RES Challenge to Keep Revitalize Fire-Stricken Spanish Ecosystems

24 January, 2024

MÓN is proud to announce its collaboration with the FIRE-RES Open Innovation Challenge. The project “From Devastation to Conservation: Post-Wildfire Resilience in Spain,” conducted by Explorers of the National Geographic Society, aims to revitalize wildfire-devastated regions into resilient ecosystems. This initiative embodies a pioneering and holistic approach to environmental restoration and community engagement, illustrating a commitment to sustainable and regenerative strategies in Sotalbo, Ávila.

The initiative represents a testament to our commitment to sustainable environmental practices. This recognition by FIRE-RES underlines our dedication to addressing critical environmental challenges and showcases our collaborative approach to conservation and community resilience, central tenets of MÓN’s mission.