A hiker crosses a hill in the desert of Tabernas (southeast Spain), the driest area in Europe.

Instead of water, there’s football. Young Senegalese men enjoy a game each day at 7 pm, excluding Mondays, on the outskirts of Cuevas del Almanzora (Almeria). The Almanzora River, which flows nearby, has almost completely dried out due to droughts and agricultural practices in the area.

Dynamite explodes and the dust invades Alcover's mountain. A quarry in Southern Catalonia.

In Tabernas, the only desert in Europe, are the authentic westerns scenarios, turned into a Mediterranean Theme Park.

Land degradation is a major cause of the increasing impact of floods in Spain. In the picture, a football field from southeastern Spain affected by torrential rains.

Greenhouse fields of southern Spain, also known as ‘Mar de Plástico’ (Sea of Plastic), in the province of Almeria. Around the vicinities of Adra gates hide, not just hectares of greenhouses, but dying lands affected by waste pollution and chemicals.

The interior of a restaurant destroyed by torrential rains in late summer. Over 215 litres per square metre fell in the region during the 1st of September. This phenomenon exposes the poor urban planning of the Southern Catalan coast. The growth of towns at the mouths of the streams has caused hundreds of victims since the mid-twentieth century. Meanwhile, Tarragona is the Catalan region most at risk of desertification. In the photograph, a neighbor observes the destruction of the port of the town.

From Alger to Almeria. Migrant farm workers in southern Spain suffer appalling conditions to supply fruit and vegetables to the European Union.

Burning car. Almeria is a land of special effects and art projects due to its environment: the only desert in Europe. In the photograph, an old BMW set on fire by the visual artist Ada Zielinska.

Sener Aeroespacial's clean room. A Spanish aerospace research and engineering company, with a vocation on monitoring and knowing the nature and scope of the problems caused by human activity, such as global warming, deforestation, erosion and desertification. Barcelona, February 2021.

A metal foundry. Where raw materials from mining are transformed into machining parts.

Always on. Pubs like ‘Emilio Bar’ from Benferri kept the news on in the background for much of the time during the storms that wiped out the town. Benferri, Spain. September 2019.