A father and son in the reforestation of the Sotalbo mountain. Sotalbo, October 2023. Jordi Jon Pardo.

Reforestation and Resilience in the Context of Climate Change

25 October, 2023

Reforestation in an era where climate change reshapes our world. From the burnt landscapes of Spain to forests under attack across the globe provides a compelling basis for action based on empirical evidence.

The Wildfire Challenge

Wildfires as a fierce enemy of natural habitats and human communities. The National Geographic Society, with MÓN’s involvement and a team of Explorers as a workforce, funded a project on the persistent attempts in Sotalbo, Ávila. In this instance, the dedication of the community to reforestation and replenishing the ecosystem is more than an illustration of human persistence, but an important battleground in the fight against climate change.

Resilience: The Heart of Environmental Change

Reforestation involves more than merely reclaiming lost ground; as noted by forest restoration expert Susan Cook-Patton, it plays a crucial role in carbon sequestration. Her research emphasizes that carefully planned reforestation can effectively capture atmospheric carbon, a critical factor in mitigating climate change. This insight underpins our project in Sotalbo, where each sapling planted is a step towards a healthier ecosystem and a testament to the global fight against climate change.

Each initiative is an essential thread in the fabric of a more sustainable world, from grassroots activities in Ávila to global forest policies. MÓN wants to shed light on these stories of resilience and recovery with a view to inspire a transformative change for lasting good.

This is an experiential journey into the resilience of humanity and biodiversity after the wildfire. A microcosm of a larger fight against climate change is embodied in the ‘From Devastation to Conservation’ project. It’s a story of hope, courage and community in the face of scientific research and global environmental policies. This initiative is not just a documentary about the state of the environment and the resilience of humanity, but also a sign of hope that the future can still be sustainable.

Seedlings submerged in Las Fuentes de las Aguas Frías, in Sotalbo, ready for planting. Sotalbo, October 2023. Jordi Jon Pardo.