A dead tree, a casualty of the fire, lies near Las Fuentes de las Aguas Frías, in Sotalbo. Sotalbo, October 2023. Jordi Jon Pardo.

From Devastation to Conservation: Post-Wildfire Resilience in Spain

20 October, 2023

The Sierra de la Paramera Reforestation Initiative, a collaboration between the National Geographic Society’s Meridian Team and MÓN, aims to revitalize the ecosystem post the 2021 wildfire. Key aspects include diverse reforestation, community resilience, educational programs, and a documentary highlighting the journey.

Our work:

  • Reforestation: Planting 30 species to restore the ecosystem.
  • Community Effort: Showcasing local initiative “Sotalbo Resurge.”
  • Education: Workshops and excursions for ecological awareness.
  • Documentary: Capturing the community’s resilience and efforts.

Nearly 100 volunteers have planted around 10.000 seedlings, demonstrating community commitment.

Follow our progress in rebuilding a greener, resilient Sierra de la Paramera.